Daytime Volunteers Needed! Apply online here or call 973.377.4226 for details.

To apply for the first aid squad, please complete the online application below. If you prefer, you print and complete a hard copy of the application as a PDF from here.

Personal Information
Additional Information
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Health Information

Would you be willing to undergo an examination by a physican (at Squad expense) to certify your physical condition?

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Do you have any physical or mental disabilites which could affect your performance or duties?

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What days and times are you presently available for Squad duty?

(Please check box and write hours. Days are 6am-6pm and Nights are 6pm-6am)

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Training History

Do you have any emergency care training?

(Check all that apply and note expiration date)

    Expiration Date
American Red Cross Standard First Aid
American Red Cross CPR Professional
American Red Cross Emergency Response/First Responder
New Jersey State EMT
Defensive Driving Course

This application is the first step in the membership process for the Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad. Throughout the remainder of the process a background check and driver's license check will be performed. Please make sure the above details are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Squad membership does require a dedication and time commitment on your part. Providing emergency services is a serious responsibility that requires training and frequent use of that training to develop and maintain your skills.

Once this form is submitted, you will be contacted by the membership comittee to proceed through the application process.