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The Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad is accepting members who have their EMT 

Certification, motivated individuals who are registered in EMT school or members who are ready to register for EMT school.  We commit to training and assisting new volunteers and students.  We offer a highly competitive Cadet Program for students who are 16 years old and in 10th/11th grade.   

Benefits of Membership

  1. Opportunity to earn your EMT, a useful life skill

  2. On the job training while providing various levels of patient care

  3. To learn and expand your knowledge of the 911 emergency response system

  4. To experience volunteerism at it's best, through community outreach & caring for people in need

  5. To meet likeminded people and build lifelong friendships 




Auxiliary Membership

Immediate need:

Looking for members who will work closely with the squad to initiate and plan events for the squad.

 Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad welcomes community members to serve on committees to help support our mission

  1. Fund Drive

  2. Assist with LOSAP stats and records

  3. Social & community events, DPW luncheon, 4th of July Float, Memorial Day, Tree of Lights, etc.

  4. House and grounds

  5. Engineering

  6. Administrative tasks

  7. Fundraisers


Please email

can work directly with squad members or independently




Cadet Program


Qualifications: Must be 16 years old to apply. Candidate should possess an interest in hands on pre-hospital emergency care, a level of maturity to handle to high stress situations and a strong work ethic.  Candidates should have good written and verbal skills and a drive to expand their knowledge base. Physically, a candidate must possess agility and ability to assist in lifting and moving.    

Do I have to live in Florham Park?

No, we consider students that are enrolled in EMT school or who have obtained their EMT certification.  Studenst who have a genuine interest in using their skills and can commit to training and shifts, as outlined by Rules of Operation.

Who will be accepted: 16 YO Students in 10/11th grade who are registered for EMT school.  Concessions are made to accommodate Morris County Vo-Tech students.  Application deadline dates to be announced.

Requirements: To remain in good standing, candidate must obtain an NREMT Certification upon completion of your EMT course and meet our standard training requirements

Due to the competitive nature of our Cadet Program and the concentration on training and molding our future EMS and Health Care Professionals, we will be unable to sponsor anyone who does not meet the mandatory requirements.

What happens when I graduate?

Upon graduation from high school, Cadets will age out of the program. Cadets can officially transfer their membership to adult membership status and commit to mentoring incoming class of Cadets and continue their learning experience.          


If a Cadet chooses to advance to an adult membershiip they are required to provide 12 hours of weekly availability.  If they go away for college they are required to ride a weekly shift during winter and summer breaks to remain active on the squad.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to get my homework done

  • It's possible to get homework done in your down time, but not guaranteed.

How many calls will I get

  • FPMFAS averages approximately 4 calls per day. The more you ride, the more experience you will get.


If I'm going to EMT school at night, how am I going to ride my shift? 

  • If students are attending traditional high

  • school and going to EMT school in the evening they aren't required to ride a regular shift.

  • Cadets primary responsibility is their academics.


What is the time commitment? 


  • Cadets are scheduled to ride 4-6 hours        weekly (various shifts options).

  • All members are required to ride a rotating Saturday shift every 11-12 weeks for coverage and experience, if shifts are available.

What is the expectation of an 18+ member, if I opt for an adult membership after graduation?  What is the expectation after I go away to college? 

  • College EMT's commit to riding 1-12 hour shift weekly on winter & summer breaks to remain in good standing.

  • Candidate for membership is expected to commit to 1-12 hour  EMT shift per week.

  • 1-12 hou Saturday rotating shift per quarter.

  • Complete all required training.

  • Keep all certificates current.

  • Operate within the By-Laws and Rules of Operation.

  • Set a good example for new members and Cadets.

  • Follow protocol and respect the chain of command.

  • Participate meetings and community events.

  • Pro-actively help train incoming members and Cadets.

When can I drive the ambulance? 

Member in good standing, 18+yo with a clean driving record, completion of mandatory training, CEVO or EVOC, completion of hours behind the wheel and Captain's endorsement.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, the appointment to and termination from its Executive Committee, hiring and firing of Line Officers, staff or contractors, selection of volunteers, vendors, or while providing any community outreach or emergency medical services

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