The Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad needs Drivers, First Responders, and Emergency Medical Technicians on all shifts. The squad also needs auxiliary members to assist with squad functions, cleaning, errands, and many other activities.


There are several things that you can enjoy by becoming a member of the squad. The Florham Park Pool offers a free pool membership to all squad members every year. The squad has a lounge for members to use while on duty or if members would like to come relax and hang out. Our lounge has a 52 inch television, couches,  and more. You will have a chance to meet many different people and learn many different things, all while helping to serve your community in a great way!


Can't commit to riding a duty shift? The Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad recruits community members to volunteer for committee assignments. The squad needs help on committees such as house and grounds, engineering, special functions (such as luncheons), and the July 4th Float. Anyone who is interested should call the squad house at 973-443-4226 and leave a message for the Auxiliary. 



What would I do as a squad member?

You would respond to emergency calls that are dispatched through the portable radios from anywhere in the Borough of Florham Park. You would meet your crew at the squad house and travel to the scene in the ambulance. As a squad member, you would gather patient information and assist EMTs with patient care. Paramedics from area hospitals meet the squad on scene for more serious ALS (Advanced Life Support) calls. Many emergency calls are for people who need transport because of a medical condition or traumatic injury, not the extreme situations on television and movies. 


What training or medical experience is required?
All members must be trained in CPR and Standard First Aid prior to riding their first shift. No other experience is required to join. All members are encouraged to become Emergency Medical Technicians, if you choose to do so. Members may also become a driver on the squad, as long as you are older than 21 years of age and have a clean driving record. 


What is the cost for training and uniforms/equipment?

All costs of training are covered under the training fund and are at no cost to you. Uniform shirts are provided to you by the squad, and members are reimbursed up to $100 for EMS pants and boots each year.


When is a squad member on call?

The squad has two different regular shifts - a day shift from 6am to 6pm, and a night shift which is from 6pm until 6am. We understand that members may have different schedules, and therefore we are able to split shifts accordingly. Each person is required to ride at least 24 hours a month. 


Who would be on call with me?

Squad members are from all age groups, professions, and backgrounds. We have squad members who are students, health care professionals, police officers, education professionals, business owners, retirees, homemakers, etc. Members must be at least 16 years of age.


Why should I join?

Ask any member of the squad why they joined and the answer will likely be that they wanted to help people and make a difference in the community. The First Aid Squad responds to more than 1,100 calls a year.