Please send any donations to:
Florham Park First Aid Squad

60 Felch Road

Florham Park, NJ 07932

Feel free to include a note telling us if it is in memory of a loved one, a thank you for our care, or just about anything at all. Thank you for your support!


The Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad, Inc., founded in 1951, is dedicated as a living memorial to veterans "who served or gave their all in our defense". 

We are a completely non-profit organization providing emergency medical services for the Borough of Florham Park for absolutely no charge! The large majority of our operations are funded by the generous contributions we receive throughout the year by residents and businesses in town.

These donations go directly to the annual budget for expenses such as medical equipment, uniforms, ambulance maintenance, building upkeep, and more.

Though we do hold our annual fund drive, donations are always welcome. Whether you'd like to make it in memory of a loved one, as a thanks for care we provided, or just out of generosity, you donations will always help us continue to provide emergency medical care in Florham Park.

Fund Drive
Goal: $95,000.00
How To Donate: Donate online or please mail your contributions to the address on the "Contact Us" page.